Le Cube


logo-cube-gpso [Converti]Le Cube is a pioneer in the French cultural scene: an outstanding venue for digital art and creation, firmly rooted in the heart of innovation, education and the digital society. It has been acknowledged within and outside France as an iconic forerunner in these fields since 2001.

Le Cube invites everyone to discover and practise new forms of expression through fostering dialogue. It encourages creative approaches, while giving collective thought to transformations in society. It aims to be a spawning ground for experimentation, and a creative, “constant demo” workshop.

As well as digital expression activities designed for everyone (over 5,000 hours provided each year), a co-working space and an arts programme (over 2,000 scheduled events), Le Cube also develops digital education actions throughout the territory via projects mingling teaching with innovation. In addition, it offers creative residences and assists young artists with thePrix Cube, an annual international prize for young digital art creators.

In 2011, it began publishing its magazine on forward thinking about the digital society, to which more than 70 writers have already contributed (www.cuberevue.com); not to be overlooked its monthly interactive programmes, “Rendez-vous du Futur” with over 30 numbers which was launched in 2010 and ” The First “.

Created in 2001 on the initiative of the Issy-les-Moulineaux town council, Le Cube is a venue belonging to the Grand Paris Seine Ouest district authority, and is managed and coordinated by the ART3000 Association.

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